Lorde Tour Dates, Event Information and Concert Tickets

Lorde’s first concert of her tour around Australia didn’t end so well… But we’ll get to that.¬†Lorde is the 17 years old, Kiwi, that is making waves around the world with her amazing voice, and alternative music. Rather than performing about partying, getting drunk and falling in love, like most young celebrities of her generation. Her tunes focuses mostly on adolescence and dreading the fact that she might become super famous.

Many turning points helped place her on the radar, including her tune “Royals” coming to be # 1 on the US Top Alternative music chart, putting her down as the first Female Solo Artist to accomplishe that in 17 years.

But enough about her extraordinary successes so far. Why did her first concert in Australia end badly? Well it didn’t really. She played an amazing show. But she was sporting a wicked stomach cramp, due to a bit food poisoning. Not a great start. But like all good museos, she still went ahead and performed an entirely perfect set. Powering on, she played a 12 track concert, included covers by Kanye and the Replacements. Like all good musicians What then! But then similarly like all musicians, she throws up walking off stage. I like this girl…

No shows booked at the moment.

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